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2014-10-10 04:42 pm
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ye olde permission thread

ooc stuff
  • backtagging: ok!
  • threadhopping: yes yes yes
  • fourthwalling: depends on the situation and muse, will not prefer this in canon
  • canon puncture: no.
  • offensive subjects: definitely okay, will put warnings for anything extreme.
ic stuff
  • hugging this character: definitely okay, but she might not like it if it`s sudden.
  • kissing this character: totally fine! again, she may not react positively depending on the situation and person.
  • flirting with this character: yep.
  • fighting with this character: yes, with a bit of planning please. petra doesn`t enjoy getting into conflicts with humans, but titans on the other hand...
  • injuring this character (include limits and severity): yes, as long as you ask first.
  • killing this character: yes, as long as you ask first and it`s in a situation that makes sense.
  • using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: totally fine. petra has no psychic abilities, so she won`t be able to block anything.